Professor Michael Lisanti MD-PhD

Photograph of Michael Lisanti

Muriel E. Rickman Chair in Breast Oncology

Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Manchester
Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, Room RS83, Wilmslow Road, M20 4BX



Professor Lisanti serves as the Director of the Manchester Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Unit and holds the Muriel Edith Rickman Chair of Breast Oncology within the Institute of Cancer Sciences. He is also Professor of Cancer Biology and the new founding Director of the Manchester Centre for Cellular Metabolism (MCCM).

Memberships of Committees and Professional Bodies

American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP)

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)


Recent advances have highlighted the important role of the stroma in breast cancer development. Professor Lisanti’s research programme focuses on the role of Caveolin-1 (Cav-1) in the pathogenesis of human breast cancer, with a strong emphasis on its role in signalling, cancer, metabolism and stem cell biology. Cav-1 status in the stroma provides important information about the aggressiveness of the cancer and may be a valuable and accessible biomarker to predict breast cancer recurrence and metastasis. With the discovery and validation of biomarkers that allow us to identify patients most likely to have poor prognosis, we now have the tools with which to drive the continued development of personalised medicine approaches. These biomarkers will also have a role to play in informing patient selection for clinical trials, allowing new treatments to be tested in patient populations likely to derive the most benefit.

Compartmentalisation of Signal Transduction: The “Caveolae Signalling Hypothesis”. In 1993-94, Dr. Lisanti was among the first to propose that signal transduction takes place in an organized fashion, within lipid rafts and caveolae, which are specialized domains at the cell surface. This mechanism includes G-proteins, Src-like kinases, NOS, and the Ras-MAP kinase signaling, as well as many other pathways. This signalling model was heretical in the early 1990s, and is now well accepted today.

Compartmentalisation of Tumor Metabolism. In 2009, Professor Lisanti was the first to propose the “Reverse Warburg Effect”. This new model for cancer metabolism will facilitate the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics, driving personalised cancer therapy.

Stromal Cav-1 as a Biomarker: In 2009, Professor Lisanti discovered a new prognostic biomarker, which has now been validated in 8 different countries word-wide for breast cancer. Its prognostic value has also been extended to DCIS lesions (early breast cancers), prostate cancers, and metastatic melanoma, and it may well represent a universal or widely-applicable cancer biomarker for stratified medicine. More specifically, his laboratory has shown that a loss of stromal Cav-1 predicts early tumour recurrence, metastasis, drug-resistance, and overall poor survival in breast cancer patients, at diagnosis, before poor clinical outcome has occurred.


An active research scientist for more than three decades with a broad background in cell biology and genetics, Professor Lisanti graduated with a degree in Chemistry (Magna Cum Laude) from New York University and obtained his MD-PhD at Cornell University Medical School in Cell Biology and Genetics. From 1992-96, he was a Skeggs Fellow at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), followed by several distinguished appointments at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Kimmel Cancer Center. Professor Lisanti  joined the Breakthrough Unit in 2012 as Professor of Cancer Biology. He is currently listed amongst the Top 100 Most-Cited Researchers in Biochemistry and Biology. He has an H-index >120, with over 50,000 citations. Moreover, he has published > 480 papers and is the former Editor-in-Chief of The American Journal of Pathology.


1981-85       BA in Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude, New York University, New York, USA

1985-92       MD-PhD, Cornell University Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program (Cornell University, together with Rockefeller University and Memorial Sloan-Kettering), New York, USA

1992-97      Whitehead Institute Fellow, Affiliated with Dr. Harvey Lodish's Laboratory, Whitehead Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA



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